Whole House Audio

A few years ago I bit the bullet because I had a client that was interested in having system installed. After doing a ton of reading and in the past using AV receivers that had 2 zones to attempt to get the same result.

Receiver: Russound CA4-KT1

Keypads: KPL Keypad LCD (I preferred this model)

Kitchen speakers: NS-IC480C (Pair)

Outdoor speakers: NS-AW150 (Pair)

Bathroom: Monoprice 2-way single speaker (Had a spare speaker from another job)

This install uses speaker wire that home run back to the receiver. The keypads use network cable. Pay attention to the pinout on them.

The back of the unit has 4 RCA inputs.

SRC1 – Airport express using airplay

SRC2 – Google Chromecast Audio

This setup is pretty simple and looks nice in the home. I use it a lot and it even has wife approval. When we eat out on the deck or have people over a BBQ we use outdoor speakers. When I clean the house i will use speakers in the house. This is a simple and fun thing to add to any home if you can. In our neighborhood all of the homes are the same so you have to do different things to make it special from all the other homes.

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