Plex DVR Beta (Awesome)

By the time I’m getting around to posting this the feature has been out for a short amount of time. In case you weren’t paying attention Plex finally released DVR functionality. It is only for OTA (Over The Air) content. That style is fine with me since we are a cord cutting family. Now if you haven’t read my other article about my HTPC setup I run Unraid. A benefit of this is the use of docker. If you don’t know anything about it it makes setting things up super simple. I did run into a problem upgrading to the DVR releases because these beta version aren’t publicly listed. After some reading on the forums I found VERSION variable option. For the value put in the version that you want to upgrade to. The last thing is I started to use the docker repo in unraid. I went from using 6 or 7 different repo’s to 2. This is the location The plex install from them will check for an upgrade on restarts. Also using the variable helps with that.


Happy watching

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