Github CLI

At my job we are looking to backup our switch configs to a Github private repo. We use observium and rancid to grab the configs. Next we want to automate the sync to Guthub. These options will be used for the commits git config –global “Your Name” git config –global “” This will […]

How to enable spotlight indexing on a network drive

To enable spotlight indexing on a network drive type the following command: mdutil /Volumes/name -i on To disable the indexing of a connected network drive type the following command: mdutil /Volumes/name -i off To check the status of indexing on a connected network drive type the following command: mdutil /Volumes/name -s

PostgreSQL Commands

I am definitely not a DBA but I can Google. Recently at work I broke out production instance of Sal. How I’m still not sure but was able to get Sal working but the Key’s for the groups were different. I had several different options but the easiest I thought was to just update the […]

BASH into a docker container

This is something that can come into handy. I have had to use it a few times. docker exec -it CONTAINER ID   Found it here

Whole House Audio

A few years ago I bit the bullet because I had a client that was interested in having system installed. After doing a ton of reading and in the past using AV receivers that had 2 zones to attempt to get the same result. Receiver: Russound CA4-KT1 Keypads: KPL Keypad LCD (I preferred this model) Kitchen […]

Belkin Wemo Products

Belkin has some simple but very easy and useful products. I started off with a simple lamp module. I use this to turn on a lamp on a schedule rather than using those old timers that alway needed to be adjusted. That is the type of automation that I like to do. I had to […]

Plex DVR Beta (Awesome)

By the time I’m getting around to posting this the feature has been out for a short amount of time. In case you weren’t paying attention Plex finally released DVR functionality. It is only for OTA (Over The Air) content. That style is fine with me since we are a cord cutting family. Now if […]

Garmin Vivoactive

So I finally decided that is was time to get the watch. A special thanks for Spokes for ordering this for me. Every avid biker need to have a shop they can trust and place they can get gear. Spokes is my goto place to shop for biking gear. Overall the setup of the watch […]

Fitness Watches

So I guess a little more background about me. I have always been in sports and always enjoyed it. Growing up I played baseball, basketball, football, and tried to play hockey. When I graduated high school I went into the Army Reserves. I served for 8 years. It was a good time. But I started […]

My Media Server Setup

Over my life I have realized that I have become a digital hoarder. I’m am now totally fine with that. At last look at my current setup I’m using about 10TB. I still have 12TB free.  So needless to say I have a ton of media. My setup has gone though several iterations as newer […]