Github CLI

At my job we are looking to backup our switch configs to a Github private repo. We use observium and rancid to grab the configs. Next we want to automate the sync to Guthub.

These options will be used for the commits

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global ""

This will clone the repo. Be sure to execute this command where you want it to be. This might ask for credentials from Github.

 git clone REPO_NAME

Once you have the repo setup if you can start to automate it. We are looking to backup some files to the repo. This is a sample script i wrote

#! /bin/bash

#! Do a Git Pull before files are added to the repo
 git pull

#! This section will copy the files from somewhere to somewhere else but only if they are newer
 rsync --progress -r -u /source/* /destination

#!This section will add the files to the repo
 git add *.*

#!Commit the files
 git commit -m "From Server"

#!Push the files up
 git push

One thing i ran into was that certain operations required a username and password. I created a .netrc file in the home directory with permissions of 600. inside of that file I had the following options.

Host Server-Name
 User My.Username
 login Github.account
 password My.Password
 IdentiyFile /Path/to/ssh/key

This can used as a check to see status of repo and sync

git status

To execute this I used Crontab.

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