Garmin Vivoactive

So I finally decided that is was time to get the watch. A special thanks for Spokes for ordering this for me. Every avid biker need to have a shop they can trust and place they can get gear. Spokes is my goto place to shop for biking gear.

Overall the setup of the watch was very easy. First thing was to setup a Garmin Connect account and pair the watch to your phone. There were no issues with the setup. Once I had it setup I changed the watch face. There are some interesting ones. But the one I use isĀ Artiface Blue.

I think this watch compares to the Apple Watch Series 1. But I think that the decisions that Garmin made with this watch were good for a version 1. It is waterproof and has great battery life with GPS. The only thing that they were missing in my opinion was HR. The next version will have an option for HR. I’m planning on getting one later in the year.


There are some plug-ins that I use for my training mainly a timer, and related to triathlons. The apps work pretty well. I also have to say the watch face is very durable. I wear this every day and a nice watch tan from it. Highly recommend.