Garmin Index Smart Scale

Is the Garmin smart scale a smart buy? Read more to find out.

The last few years I have started to get into fitness. I started with a few fitness watch trackers. Each model has an improvement over the last. My last few have been Garmin Vivoactive models. They have been really great. So when our scale that we bought when we first got married was acting funny and I had some Dell credits I thought let’s get a smart scale. They have been out for a little bit they shouldn’t be that bad right?

My initial setup 🙁 experience.

The day the scale arrived I was pretty excited. I unpacked it and got my phone out to set it up. I got to the point where it was trying to find my wi-fi. Well it just sat there never found my wi-fi. I tried it three times same result. I then tried using my laptop got to the same point it was stuck on finding my wi-fi. Next was to call support. After talking with support they decided to send me a complementary Ant+ module for my laptop. That was great of them but I wanted to get this scale up now. Luckily my friend over at Spokes let me borrow a sensor for the time being. A few minutes later the scale did a firmware update and was finally able to join my wi-fi and get added to my account. Unless they do a firmware update expect to have issues with setup.

Actually using the scale.

After using it for a few weeks I like the extra data it gives you. Its pretty nice to be able to see I worked out and see the weight loss each time. Now there are some downsides to this product.

  1. It won’t track multiple weigh-in. It only tracks the last one
  2. Going along with the last one. My kids have decided to start to weigh themselves also. But the scale thins its me. One I lost 155lbs. Well that isn’t the case.
  3. There needs to better intelligence between choosing which users are on the scale. There should be no reason to pick my account if the weight is 16.5lbs if i weight 175. There should also be no reason to confuse me with my wife. I weigh a good amount more than her.

I have tweeted at Garmin about those issues and contacted support. They have taken my feedback and it seems to go into a queue. I don’t know if I will ever see these features or if this will just be lost. Only time will tell.

To buy or not buy.

I would give this product a

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