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So I guess a little more background about me. I have always been in sports and always enjoyed it. Growing up I played baseball, basketball, football, and tried to play hockey. When I graduated high school I went into the Army Reserves. I served for 8 years. It was a good time. But I started to get lazy I never wanted to workout to pass my PT test. I passed but barely I never really tried. Having kids didn’t help the situation. After putting on a little weight my wife said she wants to do a diet and I’m doing it with her. Well it is the worst diet in the world but it worked on 2 fronts. I never want to have to diet again and I lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks. If you must know it was the HCG diet.

I have tried a few different watches and bands. They are Mio Alpha, Jawbone Up24, and Garmin VivoActive.

Mio Alpha


It looks like a watch which is good. It has Heart rate sensing which is added bonus to bring into the workout. Now for the downsides. It doesn’t have any step counting, sleep tracking, or GPS.

Jawbone Up24


It fits nice and looks nice. The battery life on it is awesome, it give insight into steps and distance traveled. The sleep tracking is really cool. I found out that I don’t get much sleep. The downsides are it doesn’t have display and their current model doesn’t have a display. When i coach baseball i have to wear a watch so with the band so i can see what time it is.

Garmin VivoActive


I did a bunch of research on this. It has GPS, water proof and has great battery life. I have used it for a good while now and really like it. My phone is iOS and I get notifications on my watch from the phone. It is great for workouts, steps, and sleep. The VivoActive 2 now has HR built in. I’m planning on getting it toward the end of the year.

DC Rainmaker

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