Anova Immersion cooker

Anova immersion cooking is also known as Sous Vide. This is a style of cooking that is done by putting the food in a bag and cooked in water does the majority of the cooking. The food is generally taken out and finished on grill or cast-iron pan. When meat is cooked in this manner it comes out very tender. I haven’t owned it for very long but have liked the results. Right now I have done a steaks and chicken. Each time the meat has been very tender. I have also used of the recipes from the app and have modified them for what I have around the kitchen. This has helped me learn to use more ingredients in different ways.

Here is a link to the website. Anova

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To get started all you need is the cooker and a deep pot which most people have. Sometimes you need to use a wooden spoon to hold the veggies into the water. I will post some recipes once i have some real good ones. Definitely check the app and see there are some good ones on my list to try.