Garmin Index Smart Scale

Is the Garmin smart scale a smart buy? Read more to find out.

Anova Immersion cooker

Anova immersion cooking is also known as Sous Vide. This is a style of cooking that is done by putting the food in a bag and cooked in water does the majority of the cooking. The food is generally taken out and finished on grill or cast-iron pan. When meat is cooked in this manner […]

Grain-Free Waffles

I make these about every week. I take them to work for breakfast on days that I workout so I always double the recipe. Again I take no credit for this recipe. People always ask me about them. Author: Against All Grain Serves: 4-6 Ingredients 3 large eggs ½ cup coconut milk 3 TBS maple syrup 3 […]

Noodle-less Butternut squash Lasagna

A few years ago I found out I have Celiacs disease. Funny thing is I have never had any symptoms. Anyway eliminating Gluten and attempting to eliminate grains from my diet can be somewhat challenging. But as long as I don’t need to give up meat then I will be fine. This dish tastes really […]

MacOS 10.12.X Video resolution issue

External monitors in 10.12 issues.

Github CLI

At my job we are looking to backup our switch configs to a Github private repo. We use observium and rancid to grab the configs. Next we want to automate the sync to Guthub. These options will be used for the commits git config –global “Your Name” git config –global “” This will […]

How to enable spotlight indexing on a network drive

To enable spotlight indexing on a network drive type the following command: mdutil /Volumes/name -i on To disable the indexing of a connected network drive type the following command: mdutil /Volumes/name -i off To check the status of indexing on a connected network drive type the following command: mdutil /Volumes/name -s

PostgreSQL Commands

I am definitely not a DBA but I can Google. Recently at work I broke out production instance of Sal. How I’m still not sure but was able to get Sal working but the Key’s for the groups were different. I had several different options but the easiest I thought was to just update the […]

BASH into a docker container

This is something that can come into handy. I have had to use it a few times. docker exec -it CONTAINER ID   Found it here

Whole House Audio

A few years ago I bit the bullet because I had a client that was interested in having system installed. After doing a ton of reading and in the past using AV receivers that had 2 zones to attempt to get the same result. Receiver: Russound CA4-KT1 Keypads: KPL Keypad LCD (I preferred this model) Kitchen […]

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